Building ichLinks, Open ICH Information-Sharing Platform

ichlinks 인포그래픽

ICHCAP has made efforts to build a systematic mechanism that creates an effective pipeline to share ICH information and contents, ranging from organized collections and productions to sharing and use. ichLinks aims to be a one-stop gateway for easy search and use of all ICH information and contents in the Asia-Pacific region.


  • To create a socio-economic value through strategic collection and use of ICH contents
  • To establish a self-driven ICH information-sharing platform with the participation of and use by Member States in the region


  • ICH-related information organizations in Asia-Pacific Member States

Main Activities

  • Collecting and building a database of basic ICH information and contents
  • Strengthening capacities for managing and sharing ICH information and contents
  • Facilitating grounds for developing e-contents in the culture and education fields