Just One Click to Your Intangible Cultural Heritage

Information is referred to as a key element in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. However, the growing flood of information makes it more difficult for us to lead an efficient data management and creative content development. Highly-functional data management system has therefore become a key to the effective data use and active data exchanges among users.

Under these circumstances, digital platforms have sprung up in a variety of areas, including economy, society, and culture. Remarkable breakthroughs in IT technologies brought about huge growth opportunities to platform operators, and allowed us to gain rich experiences at home with a simple click of the mouse.

What is ichLinks?

ichLinks is a one-stop online platform where you can easily meet a wide range of ICH information and content shared by and with Asia-Pacific Member States. We coined the term as a portmanteau of “ICH” and “Links”, referring to the mutual connections made among ICH stakeholders through the platform.

Here you are only one click away from a wide range of Asia-Pacific ICH information and content with the help of advanced system features and optimal digital environment.  Additionally, the platform can also serve as a common ground in which various ICH stakeholders, e.g. policy-makers, research institutes, NGOs, and communities can interact with one another. Where they create greater value out of pan-regional cultural resources, ichLinks shall create a virtuous cycle of a stronger cultural bond and greater peace throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. [ichLinks Brochure]

Decentralization of roles and responsibilities, openness and sharing in data management, and enhancing sustainability of ICH through an effective safeguarding ecosystem are three core values that ichLinks pursues in its operation.

Under these principles, ichLinks shall serve as an integrated, one-stop platform that operates with active participation of and fervent exchange among participating Member States.

What are shared through the ichLinks?

ichLinks provide multiple layers of ICH information and content tailored to the needs of different groups. Among them, key resources about ICH elements, ICH resources, ICH stakeholders, and ICH news & events form the primary layer, and provide the most essential data to users with regular updates.

These key resources can be used to create different forms of appealing content that build up the secondary layer. They may include special exhibitions, 360° screenplays, and digital storybooks presented through advanced technologies such as VR, AR, and MR.

How ichLinks works

ichLinks works best with ICH information agencies duly recommended by ministries of culture or other competent organizations in forty-eight Asia-Pacific Member States.